How to Develop an MVP, According to PrivyID’s CTO Guritno Adi Saputra

Toyota Funcode Hackaton

On Thursday, August 29, PrivyID’s CTO and Co-Founder, Guritno Adi Saputra (Abby) was invited to attend the Toyota Funcode as a speaker. Toyota Funcode is a hackathon event organized by TOYOTA and to encourage technology enthusiasts to create digital product innovations and learn how to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

How PrivyID Develops MVPs

Abby’s journey in building Indonesia’s pioneering digital signature provider has not always been easy. Prior to the birth of PrivyID, Abby and his team actually came up with a product called Privy Doc. It took a few months before they found out that Privy Doc’s MVP does not have a product-market fit. Learning from this failure, Abby kept iterating the features and eventually came up with PrivyID’s legally-binding digital signature service. Today, PrivyID is proudly serving over 4.1 million users and 199 clients.

To develop an MVP, Abby revealed to the audience that PrivyID has a regular Standup activity. A Standup is carried out by PrivyID Developers every once in a month to find out what features are most frequently used by users. Abby explained that each product has its own steps in order to have the best features, so it is necessary to make a list of what features are considered important for the users and eliminate ones that are considered less important. For example, PrivyID initially had nine features in its application. These features were later cut down to six after acquiring a series of constructive feedbacks.

Speaker at Toyota Funcode

How to Handle Competition

During the QnA session, one of the participants asked Abby on whether or not he had been afraid of getting his ideas and innovations copied. According to Abby, competitions are always to be expected. Abby gave an example of PrivyID’s endeavour in educating the public of the what digital signature really is.  Unlike the common misconception, digital signature is not a form of your handwritten signature that you draw using a touch of your finger on a computer or mobile phone screen, but rather a mathematical scheme for verifying the authenticity of digital messages or documents.

“When we first started, not many people understand what digital signature really is and why it is important to use a legally-binding digital signature service. Today, the condition has been much better. People are starting to become more interested in using our legally-binding digital signature”, he said.

“It is easier to sell our services when more people understand them well, but then it will be easier for other digital signature service providers to do so as well”, he added.

Another way to win in competitions is by continuously improving our service for our clients.

“When PrivyID got a client, we are often asked to develop a customized Application Programming Interface (API) according to what our clients need”, Abby explained.

“We always carefully listen to their pain points and modify our solution to solve their problems. In the the end, we will know that each client has different needs”, Abby concluded.

Participants at the event

We would like to thank TOYOTA Indonesia and Daily Social for this exciting opportunity. It’s been our pleasure to  be able share our knowledge with other tech enthusiasts!

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