#LifeAtPrivy: Striving with PrivyID Since Day 1

Dyah Ayu Putri Kartikawati

Our VP Consumer Experience, MM Dyah Ayu Putri Kartikawati who is commonly referred to as Peka, has been striving alongside PrivyID since the company was first established in 2016. Peka shared with us her story of working with PrivyID for three years. How does it feel to be one of the early employees? How does she lead the most customer-facing division in a tech company? Check out her story below!

PrivyID has prospect and will grow remarkably

Peka’s journey with PrivyID was started by her friendship with Guritno Adi Saputra (Abby), PrivyID’s CTO and Co-founder, who offered her to participate in developing a startup company, PrivyID. At the time, Peka could already sense that PrivyID has the potential to grow remarkably in the future. She wanted to help PrivyID achieves its mission to become a global leader of digital identity and digital signature provider, so she accepted Abby’s invitation.

As a VP Consumer Experience, Peka is responsible for handling all kinds of feedbacks and enquiries that PrivyID’s users and clients have. Peka has to ensure that the services provided by PrivyID to consumers are always at the top of its game and operation runs smoothly. Additionally, her role also makes her the leader PrivyID’s verification service department,  a vital part of the company that is responsible in verifying PrivyID’s users’ identities.


Trust and a good communication are needed within the team

Today, PrivyID has over 172 clients with the number of PrivyID users tripled over the year. This milestone turns Peka’s role even more crucial for the company’s success as her team members are usually the first people to receive feedbacks regarding the company’s service. She and her team are expected to respond in an appropriate manner and solution.

The Customer Experience division has largely more than 30 people on board. When asked how Peka could manage such a big team, she said to manage a big team, a great trust and communication are needed within the team.

“We cannot work in a team without good communication. We need to have an open, unrestricted discussion so that every individual in the team can express their opinions as a form of evaluation”, she said.

Furthermore, Peka also said that she always gives freedom to her team to explore, so they can improve their knowledge and ability in the process.

“I want PrivyID to be known as a company that has good services and has a lot to offer to people by continuing to explore what the team can provide to users”, she explained further.

Peka’s particular strategy seems to work as intended as they have been receiving positive feedback; the majority of PrivyID users said that they are satisfied with the explanation provided by her team.

Every individual must not be afraid of failure and criticism

According to Peka, to be a part of PrivyID especially in the Customer Experience division, each individual must not be afraid of failure and criticism.

“If we own our mistake, it will be easy for us to learn from it,” she said.

Peka also emphasized that a person who is not afraid of challenges and not easily discouraged will be the most suitable candidate for PrivyID.

“When you work in a startup, there are times when you will face difficulty without knowing when it will happen. Therefore, the person who wants to work at PrivyID must like challenges and will not give up easily”, she told us.

Interested to have an incredible journey like Peka? Now it’s time for you to embark on an adventure with us by checking out our career page!

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