PrivyID Appoints Yale Graduate Amanda Novia Anggita as COO

Amanda Novia Anggita

Indonesia’s leading digital signature and digital identity provider, PrivyID, announced the appointment of Amanda Novia Anggita as Chief Operations Officer (COO). As PrivyID’s COO, Amanda will be responsible for developing and managing PrivyID’s critical operational areas such as consumer experience, human resources, legal compliance, and account and revenue management. Amanda is also expected to represent PrivyID in managing relation amongst PrivyID’s investors and potential clients.

Amanda’s appointment to join PrivyID’s board of directors follows a similar arrangement made earlier this year, where PrivyID promoted then-SVP IT Architecture Krishna Chandra to become the company’s Chief Information Officer. Amanda was initially hired as PrivyID’s business consultant since last year, where she contributed her knowledge and experience to evaluate and provide insights on PrivyID’s management system.

Amanda Novia Anggita as Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Sharing the vision

When asked on why she joined PrivyID, Amanda revealed that she shares PrivyID’s vision to create a universally-accepted digital identity platform. As she spends more time with PrivyID, she also finds herself becoming more passionate in improving PrivyID’s service quality while at the same time improving the capacity of human resources and their work satisfaction at PrivyID.

“Both are linked, if we have outstanding human resources we will have outstanding service quality as well”, she continued, “It will eventually lead to efficiency, good profit, and business sustainability.”

Amanda also wants all PrivyID employees to have sufficient understanding about the company’s business.

“Even though PrivyID’s employees work from two different cities, in spirit we are working under the same roof. Therefore, we should have clear understanding on what’s actually happening both here and on the other side of the room”, she explained further.

Amanda’s current responsibilities are supported by her remarkable experience and strong education background. As a graduate from Universitas Indonesia’s law school, Amanda had spent years working at Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo, a leading law firm in Indonesia.  During her time with the fim, Amanda handled various corporate and commercial litigation cases such as public private partnership, merger and acquisition, commercial bankruptcy, and insurance among others. She then continued her education by studying financial management from Universitas Indonesia’s postgraduate business school and business administration from Yale School of Management.

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Amanda is welcomed with excitement and warmth from PrivyID’s family. PrivyID’s CEO Marshall Pribadi said, “We are so excited to have Amanda on board as COO. Her MBA degree from Yale School of Management and exposure of working at a multi-billion dollar company with extensive experience working with a first-tier law firm will surely bring tremendous benefits to our company.”

PrivyID was first established in 2016. Since then, PrivyID has employed 251 employees to cater for over 171 corporate clients and four million users in Indonesia. PrivID has also received numerous accolades such as The Most Promising Fintech by Danamon Entrepreneur Awards in 2017 and The Best Innovation on Regulation Technology in Indonesia Innovation Award 2019. While these achievements are worth celebrating, strong strategy and leadership qualities are required to maintain the growth.

“Amanda will fill in the shoe to lead our operations. We have tripled our customers number from the beginning of 2018, and thus we need a super strong team to maintain our service level”, Marshall concluded.

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