PrivyID Hosted Global Leadership Bootcamp 2020 with Sahabat Beasiswa at Privy Quarter

Global Leadership Bootcamp 2020

PrivyID welcomed the delegates of Global Leadership Bootcamp with Sahabat Beasiswa to Privy Quarter in Yogyakarta on Saturday (8/2) as a part of their Global Leadership Bootcamp program.

The visit started with an office tour around Privy Quarter, where the delegates had an opportunity to see how PrivyID’s verification and helpdesk team work. The tour was continued with a walk around PrivyID’s sport and entertainment facilities designed for PrivyID’s family members, such as; badminton court, pingpong tables, and a mini cinema that doubles as a game room.

After the tour was concluded, delegates were invited to join a presentation and discussion panel PrivyID’s VP of Consumer Experience, Putri Kartikawat and  SPV of Helpdesk Team, Eko Puji. The session began with a brief introduction to PrivyID’s services. Afterwards, delegates had the chance to learn more  about what it takes to build a startup from Putri. “You need to have a strong vision as well as an equally strong belief in your product”, she revealed.

During the QnA session, one of the questions that the delegates asked was how to promote PrivyID’s services. As many people, especially those who don’t have enough access to financial technology, are not aware of PrivyID’s digital signature and digital identity services. Answering the question, Eko said that the promotion of such can be done through extensive collaboration and partnership with PrivyID’s clients.

“Essentially, PrivyID is a B2B2C company”, said Eko. “Therefore, educating our customers on the importance of using legally-binding digital signature and secured digital identity technology, as well as improving customers’ financial literacy, is a shared responsibility among us and our merchant partners”, he added.

PrivyID would like to thank the delegates of Global Leadership Bootcamp 2020 and Sahabat Beasiswa for their visit. We hope that everyone had a fun and inspiring time with us!

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