#LifeAtPrivy: PrivyID Hosted MIT Sloans MBA Candidates for G-Lab Program

MIT G-lab event

Earlier this month, PrivyID was selected as one of the host companies for MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Lab, or MIT G-lab.

MIT G-lab is a program in which a group of MIT Sloan top students spend time in the host country to assist selected companies on real business cases by delivering insights and analysis for startup and growing companies located in emerging and frontier markets around the world. After three weeks of staying and helping PrivyID in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, the MIT students wrapped up their project at the end of January.

It’s always been a pleasure for PrivyID to welcome students or communities for a visit to our office. It’s an opportunity for us to share stories while also introducing our best practices in our journey. This project done by the MBA students of MIT Sloan School was instrumental for PrivyID to receive in-depth insights from them for the benefit of the company and our product.

The project had been done and occured for approximately 3 months, since October 2019 in which the students, Udi, Anisha, Cara, and Carolina, worked remotely before finally coming to Jakarta in the first week of January. They had been extremely helpful in assisting PrivyID looking at the competitive landscape, looking at the product and the user experience, as well as recommending a pricing strategy for new products in the PrivyID’s roadmap of 2020 to 2021. In our interview with them, Anisha told us that, “We came in to PrivyID and wanted to focusing on three things and I think the primary goal overall after speaking to Amanda (COO of PrivyID), was really just enhancing the overall customer experience.”

Throughout the past three weeks of staying in Indonesia, they worked on their project on site at PrivyID’s Jakarta office for the most part. Additionally, they also had a chance to spend a few days working within our teams at Privy Quarter, Yogyakarta, where we had the privilege to receive invaluable feedbacks regarding PrivyID’s customer experience.

The direct collaboration between PrivyID’s team members with the students were something that both parties enjoy the most. “I think just working with the people in the company has been our favorite part of the project. We’re so grateful that we got paired with you guys because everyone’s been so great from the Jakarta office and then we even got to check out the new office,” Cara revealed in the interview.

It’s been wonderful sharing stories and perspectives with each of the MIT’s students. It was truly rewarding to be part of MIT’s G-Lab program and needless to say, PrivyID was very excited to see their recommendations to be implemented to the company. “I hope they also feel a great experience working at our office for about 3 weeks on site in both of our offices” PrivyID’s COO, Amanda concluded.

Curious to find out what they think of PrivyID? Watch a summary of their experience in this video!

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