#LifeAtPrivy: PrivyID Held Its First Ever Virtual Townhall

Online meeting

On Thursday (14/5), we hosted our first ever virtual townhall. PrivyID’s townhall is held regularly to provide a space for employees to gather and connect directly with PrivyID’s senior management. During Townhall, all PrivyID’s family members had the opportunity to get the latest updates of the company’s activities, share their experience, and engage with all PrivyID family members.

The series of Townhall meeting are usually carried out in person and face to face and accompanied by various games. However, the latest Townhall was conducted virtually to adjust with the current situation. Almost all of PrivyID family members have been working from their own home for the last two months. The virtual Townhall was warmly welcomed as it gave the chance for everyone to reconnect with their team members. During the Townhall, PrivyID’s senior management also ensured that while the pandemic has hit all industries hard, PrivyID remains in a strong and stable position to grow the business.

All in all, PrivyID’s first virtual Townhall went smoothly. Even though we can’t gather in person for the Townhall, we are grateful for the enthusiasm and spirit of all family members to join the Townhall.

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