Webinar Report: Discovery and Inventions Which Shaped Our World by Kognisi & PrivyID

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On Monday (11/5), Kognisi (Kompas Gramedia Learning & Insights) hosted a webinar with PrivyID’s CEO, Marshall Pribadi, as the speaker to talk and discuss about Discovery and Inventions Which Shaped Our World. The 2-hours long webinar that was livestreamed through Zoom was joined by dozens of participants.

The webinar was moderated by Ervan Avrianto, the HR Development Specialist of Kompas Gramedia. The session was opened by a short recap of PrivyID’s story from its humble beginning in 2016 the current day. As a pioneering company of digital signature service provider in Indonesia, Marshall revealed that PrivyID didn’t have it easy at the start of its establishment.

One might argue that the rapid change of technology has encouraged more people to adopt inventions that will ease their lives, such as digital signature. But in reality,  the challenge still persists. PrivyID has to convince prospective clients  that PrivyID’s digital signature technology is considerably more secure compared to wet signatures, as digital signature cannot be copied or executed without the authority of the signature’s owner.

Slide dari Marshall Pribadi

A slideshow of Marshall’s presentation during the webinar

Marshall pointed out that COVID-19 pandemic taught us that a lot of things around us can be easily disrupted, and that in the next one year there will be new innovations of technology created. Failure to invent or discover new inventions might hinder us from being able to face our future effectively.

“There are many things we can invent and boundaries that we can exceed. I believe that to achieve big things, it requires great effort,” said Marshall. “That’s why we need to discover and invent something by looking through everything and every angle,” he concluded.

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