Webinar Report: How Technology Can Support WFH

How Technology Can Support WFH

On Wednesday (06/05), PrivyID’s CEO, Marshall Pribadi, was invited to be one of the panelists for the Behind the Wheel Webinar: How Technology Can Support WFH (Work from Home). Behind The Wheel is a webinar series organized by MDI Ventrues as part of the #IndonesiaBergerak initiative. The program was streamed through Zoom and was joined by 150 participants.  Other panelists of the webinar were Evan Purnama (CTO of Qiscus), Edmon Makarim (Head of Law Faculty Universitas Indonesia), and  Kuncoro Wastuwibowo (AVP Sinergy Telkom Group)

The webinar was opened with a discussion moderated by Mr. Aditia Narendra, GM Corporate Secretary & Legal Counsel of MDI Ventures. During the discussion, Marshall Pribadi  explained about the use and functions of digital signature especially for the digital economy, especially during the challenging time of a pandemic. By enabling their clients to sign documents remotely, PrivyID have helped hundreds of companies run their businesses from the safety of their home.

Edmon Makarim also said that digital signature provides protection against identity theft and fraud attempts on online transactions. According to him, personal data identity and electronic transactions cannot be separated. Therefore, industries are highly encouraged to adopt digital  signature solutions that are certified by the government and are in accordance with the applicable law within their business immediately.

Apart from administrative works, technology that would enable businesses to maintain effective communications through digital channels are also highly sought after. As mentioned by Evan Purnama, Qiscus’ multichannel communication solutions have been used by healthcare platform, telco providers, and online education platform to support their businesses in the current situation.

“This unfortunate situation have forced companies to implement technology that would allow them to work remotely. Put simply, the pandemic has indirectly accelerated digital transformation for many businesses,” said Kuncoro Wastuwibowo. He also said that during the large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), Telkom is working hard in developing their digital ecosystem during this pandemic to support the communities, especially SMEs.

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