Startup Hacks: Surviving Amid Pandemic

Surviving amid pandemic

On Wednesday (3/6), PrivyID’s CEO Marshall Pribadi joined the “Startup Hacks: Surviving Amid Pandemic” webinar organized by Media Buffet, a Jakarta-based public relations and social media agency. The webinar was held to provide a sharing platform about strategies that startups can adopt survive amid pandemic. Other speakers that joined the webinar were Rabbi Amrita Givatama (Head of Investment & Synergy of Mandiri Capital Indonesia), Andrew Prasatya (Head of Marketing Content of iprice group), Amir Karimuddin (Editorial Head of, and Bima Marzuki (CEO of Media Buffet PR). The program was moderated by Reyni Wullur from Media Buffet.

Amir from DailySocial opened the discussion by talking about startups in the middle of a pandemic from the eye of the media. While the pandemic has undoubtedly instigated a mountain of negative impacts in all sectors of life, it also provided a chance for startups to develop new innovations that could help the society to recover.

Marshall also added that startups could provide the answer to existing problems using the technology they have. For example, PrivyID’s digital document management solution could help businesses prevent the covid-19 transmission. By enabling businesses to digitize their business process, implementing PrivyID’s technology could help businesses eliminate the risk of covid-19 transmission that might occur from exchanging paper documents and during in-person signing process. It also helps them to maintain

“We’re glad that our technology could help businesses keep their employees’ health and safety while keeping their business process running as efficient as possible, even when the employees are working from home,” Marshall said.

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Even so, the work-from-home policy also posed a new challenge for businesses. In iPrice Group, for example, most employees who live on their own are at risk of feeling lonely. “People who live alone, especially expats at our office, had most of their social interaction at work”, said Andrew.

He added, “Apart from their physical wellbeing, we must also pay attention and take care of our co-workers’ mental health”.

Additionally, as with many other businesses, many startups are also facing financial challenges. Rabbi Amritha of Mandiri Capital Indonesia reminded that the key to a successful startup is to have a very strong fundamental and unique solutions that are able to answer real problems.

“With the existence of COVID-19, people may not be able to go anywhere. Which means, there’s a need of change for the businesses, and that’s where the new innovations come from,” Rabbi concluded.

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