Should you join a startup incubator?

Pengalaman Mentoring bersama Indigo Creative Nation

When you’re building a startup, joining a startup incubator program is an option that is worth considering. Not only that incubator programs will offer you a tailored training program that equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge, most startup incubators also give you access to multiple venture capitals and connections to experienced mentors.

So how do you join a startup incubator? What impacts that startups will get upon graduating from incubation programs? On Monday (8/6), our Founding CEO Marshall Pribadi shared his experience as an alumni of Indigo Creative Nation, an incubator program initiated by Telkom Indonesia, during an hour-long Instagram Live session.

The webinar was moderated by Herry Fahrur Rizal, the Deputy Head of Digital Startup & Community Engagement of Indigo. As a startup that took part in the first batch of Indigo Incubation in 2015, Marshall revealed that what motivated him to join the program is how the program provided the right environment for PrivyID. Becoming a member of Indigo also means that PrivyID belongs to Telkom’s well-established ecosystem.

The process to get to where PrivyID is today was not easy. PrivyID was founded in Yogyakarta in 2014 and only rented a small house on the outskirts of the city, with barely enough funds. Fast forward to today, PrivyID is proudly serving over 600 corporate clients and employ over 100 people with three offices in two cities.

According to Marshall, PrivyID’s path is inseparable from the assistance and belief that Telkom have placed upon PrivyID.

“If we didn’t enter the Indigo program, perhaps PrivyID wouldn’t be this big”, said Marshall.

“Telkom is not just our investor, they are also our first client. Telkom is very influential in helping us acquiring the trust of other companies”, he continued.

When becoming part of Indigo, PrivyID was given access to support such as mentors, global and local mentors. However, in the discussion, PrivyID’s CEO also passed a message to other startups for not thinking that by entering the incubator everything will be given, such as mentors or investors.

Marshall concluded the webinar with a simple message, “Incubator only provides the environment, but as startups, we must be able to grow and develop by ourselves”.

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