6 Fitur Baru PrivyID Ini Siap Dukung Transformasi Digital Bisnis Anda

Fitur baru Privy

Transformasi digital kerap dilakukan oleh berbagai perusahaan untuk meningkatkan efisiensi bisnis. Digitalisasi pada berbagai proses kerja memungkinkan perusahaan untuk menjadi lebih efisien dalam mencapai goal yang mereka inginkan. Digitalisasi dokumen, misalnya, menyediakan ruang bagi perusahaan untuk melakukan penghematan waktu dan biaya yang luar biasa. Dengan beralih ke pengelolaan dokumen secara digital, perusahaan tidak perlu lagi […]

Dukung Kebijakan PSBB, PrivyID Gratiskan Layanan Tanda Tangan Digital Selama Bulan Mei 2020

Privy di laptop

Beberapa Provinsi di Indonesia telah menerapkan kebijakan Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (PSBB) sebagai upaya untuk memutus penyebaran virus COVID-19 di wilayahnya. Implementasi kebijakan ini mengakibatkan berubahnya sistem operasional berbagai sektor bisnis. Untuk menjaga kelancaran operasional bisnis di tengah kebijakan PSBB, perusahaan penyedia layanan tanda tangan digital PrivyID gratiskan layanan tanda tangan digital hingga 31 Mei […]

PrivyID Offers Free Digital Signature Service Amid COVID-19 Outbreak in Indonesia

Work From Home with PrivyID

The Government of Indonesia calls on people to implement physical distancing in public spaces to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many local companies have responded to this call by imposing work-from-home (WFH) policies for their employees. To support and protect business continuity during this challenging time, PrivyID, a Jakarta-based digital signature service provider, […]

PrivyID Becomes The First Indonesian Company to Join The FIDO Alliance

PrivyID Joins FIDO Alliance

As a member of the alliance, PrivyID is now eligible to take part in global policy and market development activities through active participation in one of its working groups. PrivyID, Indonesia’s leading legally-binding digital signature and trusted digital identity solution provider, has officially become the first Indonesian company to become a member of the FIDO […]

PrivyID Received Lifetime Achievement Award from Indigo Incubator

PrivyID Received Lifetime Achievement Award from Indigo Incubator

Jakarta – PrivyID received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Indigo Incubator on Thursday, November 21st PrivyID 2019. The award was delivered by Mr. Faizal Djoemadi, the Director of Digital Business of Telkom Indonesia, during the annual Indigo gathering. Indigo Incubator is Telkom Indonesia’s startup incubator program that is designed to support digital entrepreneurs to grow […]

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and IT Officially Inaugurated 6 Certificate Authorities

Privy and Kominfo executives

On Wednesday (13/11), Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (KOMINFO) officially inaugurated six Certification Authorities (CA), where PrivyID is the first one to become the Non-Government Institution Certified Certificate Authority. Other CAs that were also inaugurated are Balai Sertifikasi Elektronik of BSSN, Peruri, Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi, Vida, and DigiSign. The inauguration event […]

Privy Raises Series A2 from Telkomsel Fund, Launches Joint Leads Business

PrivyID Series A2 Telkomsel TMI

Jakarta, September 26, 2019 –  Telkomsel’ venture arm, Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (TMI) today announced that it had backed Privy (previously Privy), Indonesia’s leading regulatory technology focusing on digital consumer onboarding solution, in an extension of Series A round through MDI Ventures. Established in 2016, Privy is certified by The Ministry of Communication and Informatics to […]

[2019] Privy, the Ministry of Trade, Attended Indonesia Business, Infrastructure and Investment Forum

Indonesia Business, Infrastructure and Investment Forum

On Monday (23/9) in 2019, Privy (previously PrivyID) attended the Indonesia Business, Infrastructure and Investment Forum (IBIIF) in Shanghai, China. This international forum was also conducted in parallel with the China ASEAN Expo and the Indonesia Festival (INAFEST)  which took place in the same city. Marshall Pribadi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Privy, accepted a […]

PrivyID Appoints Yale Graduate Amanda Novia Anggita as COO

Amanda Novia Anggita

Indonesia’s leading digital signature and digital identity provider, PrivyID, announced the appointment of Amanda Novia Anggita as Chief Operations Officer (COO). As PrivyID’s COO, Amanda will be responsible for developing and managing PrivyID’s critical operational areas such as consumer experience, human resources, legal compliance, and account and revenue management. Amanda is also expected to represent […]

OJK Predicted Digital Signature’s Popularity Will Continue to Grow

Chart in whiteboard

Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) predicted that digital signature business will experience tremendous growth in the coming years. Digital signature’s rise to popularity comes naturally with the growing necessity of a fast, secure, and reliable method to verify and authenticate electronic transactions between financial service providers and their customers. OJK’s Head of Digital Financial Services […]