PrivyID Wins Two Awards From Telkom Indigo 4 Nation and Mandiri Capital Indonesia

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2020 has been a challenging year, as the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world, and Indonesia is no exception. But we are persevering amidst the crisis, and get stronger during these uncertain times. PrivyID always believes that synergy is one of the important things that make us #TogetherStronger. We truly realize the value and importance of synergy, and we believe greater achievements can build through collaboration and co-creation.

Throughout this year, we’ve partnered with over 700 companies and helped 6.5 million users to work remotely. PrivyID products are designed to enabling people to work anytime, anywhere, on any device, so people can conduct business safely, amidst this pandemic. And we are grateful that our synergy has not gone unnoticed, as we are honored and humbled to announce that PrivyID received two awards this year!

PrivyID has been awarded as the winner of the “One for All, All for One” category on Mandiri Capital Indonesia 5th Anniversary, and also received the “The Highest Synergy Number” award from Telkom Indigo 4 Nation Gathering 2020. Our CEO, Marshall Pribadi and our CMO, Hanung Semiartedy have the opportunity to received the awards virtually. Marshall said in his speech when attending the Mandiri Capital Indonesia 5th anniversary, “We are thankful to receive this award. As our purpose since day one, we want to help and leave positive impacts on others, be it for Mandiri Capital Indonesia, and for millions of Indonesian people as well.”

We would like to thank Mandiri Capital and Indigo for believing in our vision. PrivyID has experienced a tremendous growth fueled by our partners’ extensive guidance and support. We are humbled to receive this recognition, and more than ready to continuously deliver our best hereafter!

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