#LifeAtPrivy: Meet Three Female Engineers and Designer Behind PrivyID!

3 wanita di Privy

International Women’s Day provides a timely opportunity to reflect on the progress of female representation within the technology industry. Here at PrivyID, we believe that diversity and gender equality are critically important in driving innovation.

Therefore, on this international women’s day, we are excited to introduce you to a powerhouse of women to celebrate gender-balance, diversity, and teamwork at PrivyID. So let’s hear the roars of the three women in our team about them making force within the technology industry!

Niken Widowati Putri, QA Engineer at PrivyID

“Being a woman in the midst of society and the working environment in the tech industry could be challenging, but in the end I know that I am lucky to be able to experience what it’s like to be a QA engineer in a tech company that values all of its workers equally. My message to women out there is to not be afraid to try something. Whether it’s in the technology industry, or anywhere else, because you will never know if you never try. You may have fear, but never give up just because you are feeling intimidated. The world is yours to explore. You’ll do great!” 

Fransiska Anindhita, Frontend Developer at PrivyID

“It’s not easy to be a woman in the part of the world and society that I live in, especially doing work that is usually dominated by men. Being a Frontend developer has its own challenges, such as, the urge to work as good as my (male) colleagues, and this has motivated me to try and to believe in myself that I can also do the same thing. It’s also a privilege for me to work in a place that welcomes innovation from every single one. Just like RA. Kartini who had fought for women’s rights in Indonesia, I wish that women never stop trying to fight for what they want, and never be afraid of the end-result, because women can do everything as good as everyone else and no one can tell us otherwise!”

Christabel Elouisa Wahyu Hadi, UI/UX Designer

“Being a woman who works in a company with the majority of the colleagues are men often issues a stereotype in which women are too complicated and don’t have what it takes to do the job. Fortunately, PrivyID highly values diversity and gender equality in its work culture, which makes me feel I can do everything as UI/UX Designer. Since working in the tech industry is something that I’ve always wanted to do, it feels nice to get the opportunity to do so. I think every woman must dare to have a career. As we equip ourselves with many skills and knowledge, I believe that women can be trusted with the same opportunities as men. Women are capable of making changes too!”

PrivyID would like to thank every woman in the world for being who they are. Happy International Women’s Day, here’s to each of us who are trying to make a dent in the tech industry!

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