#LifeAtPrivy: PrivyID’s Family Members Joined The Fun of Virtual Townhall

Privy virtual townhall

On Thursday (3/9), we held another virtual townhall. This townhall was held to enable our family members to connect directly with PrivyID’s senior management, and to get the latest updates of the company’s activities, plans, and achievements. This Townhall aimed to be a safe space for all of the employees to engage with everyone. 

Previously, PrivyID had hosted two virtual Townhalls, because since the pandemic, virtual Townhall has become the most feasible option for the entire PrivyID’s family members. Almost all of the employees joined the fun from the safety of their homes, although some were joining the fun from the office since they had to work in the office, without ruling out the health protocols.

During the Townhall, PrivyID’s senior management conveyed that many companies are still adjusting to the current situation, including PrivyID, even though we are now entering a transition to the new normal. However, until now PrivyID is still striving to grow the business by developing new innovations for clients’ businesses even in the midst of the current difficult situation.

After the sharing session, the employees were also invited to join the fun by taking the quizzes that had been provided. For 3 people who answered the questions fast and most accurately were given interesting prizes. This activity that runs regularly is intended to maintain the spirit of all family members, that even though we can’t gather in person, we can still be connected and have fun together.

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