Glints Expert Class: Making Sure Your Personal Data is Secured

Glints ExpertClass: Making Sure Your Personal Data is Secured

On Thursday (20/8), PrivyID’s CIO, Krishna Chandra, was invited to be the panelist for Glints Expert Class organized by Glints to talk about The Security of Personal Data. The class was live streamed online through Zoom.

The moderator, Fedryno G. Ramadha, Community Associate of Glints opened the expert class by introducing Krishna Chandra briefly and explained about issues in cybersecurity and how to make transactions safe in the digital world. The activity was continued by Krishna who explained that personal data means all data related to individuals. Personal data includes name, address, place of birth, mother’s name, etc., or communication data such as telephone and email.

Krishna also explained about the 3 pillars of cybersecurity, namely People, Process, and Technology. In these 3 pillars, People means the person has an important role. “Cyber vulnerability can occur due to human error. For example, forgetting to install an antivirus on your device so the ransomware enters your device.” Said Krishna. In addition, according to him, how good the technology that is used to store data is also very important. Coupled with the process, to ensure that when we put data in e-commerce, the data is safe and encrypted.

In cybersecurity, there is a term for cybersecurity domains. According to Krishna, The CIA Triad is a fundamental issue. Every time we carry out activities such as online transactions, we must be aware that the data we input is based on our consent as users. “We need to increase awareness of our data, because the one who can help if something goes wrong is ourselves. We must know who we are transacting with and providing data.” He concluded.

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