#LifeAtPrivy: Privy’s 4th Anniversary, One Privy, Together Stronger

Privy’s 4th Anniversary

Guess what we’re celebrating on October, 20th? Yes, It’s PrivyID’s birthday!

Different from the previous years, on this 4th birthday, the celebrations has to be held virtually. But that doesn’t lessen the enthusiasm and excitements of all the PrivyID family. We were all gathered together, from our homes, and some were joining the fun from the offices, in Jakarta and Jogjakarta.

This year’s theme is “One Privy, Together Stronger”, as we are facing a global health crisis that has transformed our live in unprecedented ways, so we are hoping that we all can remain strong and conquer this, together. This also symbolize how all the Privy family has contributed greatly in the growth of the company.

The celebrations started with presenting several videos, about PrivyID and our dreams, about charity event that carried out in the orphanage, and the special birthday greetings from our employees. The fun continued with quizzes, door prizes, and full of laughter.

Our CEO, Marshall Pribadi gave speech about the journey of PrivyID, and how we have grown. With over 500 companies and 6.5 millions users, we have now established ourselves as one of the country’s leading digital signature providers. But we don’t stop there, PrivyID is still striving to grow the business by developing new innovations, as mentioned by senior management at that event.

Happy birthday, PrivyID! Let’s continue to moving forward, together!

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