Finnet and AdMedika Soft Launched Digital Signature Implementation, Powered by PrivyID

Finnet and AdMedika Soft Launched Digital Signature Implementation

PrivyID attended the soft launch event of digital signature implementation between PT Finnet Indonesia and PT Administrasi Medika (AdMedika) on Thursday (25/7).

PT. Finnet Indonesia was established since October 31, 2005. During its early inception, Finnet Indonesia was established to provide IT infrastructure and information systems for the  financial transactions of banks and other financial companies. Today, Finnet Indonesia operate three portfolio of businesses, which are bill payment aggregator, electronic payment platform, and online payment solutions.

Finnet Indonesia’s businesses complement AdMedika’s services. AdMedika is a technology-based company that serves millions of members with a comprehensive range of Total Health Solution, such as Health Claim Management Service, Health Digital Service and Digital Provider Management Services.  Established in 2002, AdMedika became part of Telkom Group under Telkom Indonesia’s subsidiary holding company, PT Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra) in 2010. The implementation of digital signature technology between Finnet and AdMedika will enable the two to provide better services with higher efficiency for Finnet and AdMedika’s clients, partners, and end users.

The signing process that took place at the 8th floor of Telkom Landmark Tower was proudly enabled and supported by PrivyID’s legally-binding digital signature technology. During this occasion, Mr. Budi Setyawan Wijaya (CEO AdMedika) together with Mr. Paulus Djatmiko (CEO Finnet) expressed their support for PrivyID. They also delivered a special request for PrivyID to provide continuous guidance for the companies–a request PrivyID will happily fulfill.

We would like to thank to Finnet and AdMedika for the invitation. We are glad to be trusted as Finnet and AdMedika’s digital signature service provider!

Executives of Finnet and Privy

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